buy cheap fifa 14 coins Algeria is continuous second times scored World Cup finals circle

buy cheap fifa 14 coins European Red Devils Belgium has for four years in a row at the time backward turning defeat into victory. World Cup Group opener North Africa Fox Algeria again when missing a penalty. But with three name substitute players of excellent played, end to:: made start Belgium, person European upstart, is recognized of a horse "dark horse", currently in three article line Shang star gathered, more is effectiveness five big League of main, strength has unquestionable, in World Cup European district qualifier in the 8 WINS 2 flat keep not defeated, and playing into 18 ball only lost 4 ball, and group topped ahead of a round got tickets, this is Belgium since 2002 Han day World Cup zhihou again broke into World Cup finals circle. Impressive record makes people marvel at its former Red Devils are back in Europe! And Algeria is continuous second times scored World Cup finals circle today Belgium coach Marc willmots discharge has no accident of idiomatic formation, starting war is known of most strong lineup, goalkeeper is this season in Atletico Madrid performance excellent of Courtois, four Defender is Manchester City of Kompany, and Tottenham of weiertongheng, and Bayern of van buyten, and Atletico of aerdeweierde, double lumbar is Russian Super Ze NI special team Wurtzell, and Tottenham team Deng beilai, playmaker line from left to right for Chelsea of Azar, and Tottenham lies and Wolfsburg debruine, striker is on loan from Chelsea to Everton's "little monsters" lukaku and Algeria from the Christmas tree formation. Defence is also played in Europe several players. Precursors in Naples is a core. Midfielder left Inter Milan youngster, Ted's attention.

Up front, Valencia striker Fei Guli, known on the overall strength of MS, Belgium than in Algeria a notch higher. Marc willmots great importance to group stage opener, he said he had analyzed Algeria over the past 10 games, the characteristics of each player knows, Belgium refused to be upset but it's not all been plain sailing. First half Qian half segment, Algeria of controlled ball rate once over Belgium, demon star Fei Guli is enough demon, disc ball technology dazzled, even reproduction has Marseille maneuver, its breakthrough speed odd fast, subsection minutes Shi that penalty is Weir pass Heng with not Shang he of footsteps, nasty zhixia will its put pour due to but unfortunately, Algeria only a demon star, found the best fifa 14 coins in our! red magic also has yin enrollment, more people Association anti-plus ancestors feet. Instead, Belgium ranks of Adjara is also skilled at, big picture class. Although the match was awarded to Belgium two goals have played a key role in Mr DeBruyne, but kept Adjara breakthrough moves is the key to creating opportunities for Marc willmots believes that Belgium team to win is the key to mastering the ball, too. Yes, Belgium occupy an absolute advantage. Than shots is: shots on goal than are seen from the scene, first half Algeria's defensive marking rather tight, but in the second half, due to the serious decline in physical fitness, gradually into a passive defense continue to be broken. Meanwhile, Belgium's air superiority is obvious. The first half, Algeria goalkeeper kept out to defuse the cross, but in the second half, goalkeeper seldom attack, finally headed equaliser by opponents. Final go-ahead goal is also playing up front, North Africa Fox has run up.

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